I found these pictures of me online at a random picture site! It was weird. A good friend of mine from Minnesota that was a photographer took them. This was like 3 years ago or something. Crazy!

The Lord is doing a lot. Drawing me into hunger that is difficult to express in words. I am preparing to preach a sermon at IHOP-AC, two Fridays from now. Kind of nerve racking to say the least but I feel like the Lord is imparting some stuff. Please be praying for me concerning that. I am asking that the Lord will provide someone that would support me by way of paying for a cell phone plan for me. It would be very helpful in keeping in contact with my family, supporters, fellow intercessory missionaries and the house of prayer here. Praise Him for the provision He has made already. I feel His hand on what I am doing.


All our intercessions are based upon and birthed from the knowledge of God. We cry out for justice because He is justice and His throne is founded upon justice. We do not primarily ask for justice because of injustice. We primarily labor for justice because when justice comes, He comes and a people that are in love with Jesus cannot live without Him near. We do not primarily cry out for righteousness because of unrighteousness, we cry out for righteousness because His throne is founded upon it and when it comes He comes and when we know Him we know we cannot live without Him near! It moves from intercession birthed out of and sustained by humanism to intercession birthed out of and sustained by lovesickness, which is birthed out of and sustained by the knowledge of God!


September 24, 2008

These are just some pictures from the last few weeks. I will be updating more on what the Lord has been showing me either later tonight or tomorrow evening. If there are any prayer requests please post them on here or email me at weshuth333@aol.com    If you would like me to mail you a copy of my monthly newsletter please email me also. The Lord has been producing in me great hunger for the knowledge of who He is. Bless you all, I will try and post more tonight. We have our Way School of Ministry class and then I’ll be home. The Lord keep you and shine the light of His face upon you.

I am being ruined…

September 17, 2008

He has become the Bridegroom within. He has taken care to do everything for His bride, but He is infinitely jealous. But do not be surprised at the sternness of His jealousy. Of what then is He so jealous? Is it of our talents, intelligence, the regularity of outer virtues? No. He is condescending and easy about all such things. Love is jealous only of love. All of His punctiliousness is only concerned with the rectitude of the will. He cannot suffer any division of the heart of the bride, and He suffers still less all pretexts by which the bride seeks to deceive herself to excuse the division of her heart. That is what lights the devouring flame of His jealousy. So far as a pure and ingenuous love guides you, O Bride, the Bridegroom will bear with an unlimited patience all that you do which is irregular, through carelessness or weakness without detriment to the integrity of your heart. But from the moment that your love refuses anything to God, and that you want to deceive yourself in this refusal, the Bridegroom will consider you an unfaithful bride who wishes to cover her infidelity.

—Francois Fenelon

I am falling so in love with Jesus. his lips truly do drip with myrrh like it says in Song of Solomon. He is constantly calling me to come and die. He speaks to me in the prayer room, and it is of His great zeal to conquer me, and my heart comes alive at His faithfulness. He has betrothed Himself to us in faithfulness forever. He is true to Himself, and true to His word, so faithful to complete the work that He has started! He has begun the process of sanctification in me and it is His will that I be made pure and spotless! It is the craziest thing, that my heart is ravished and hunger is birthed and nurtured and cultivated in the place of hearing Him promise death to my self confidence and inner assurance contrary to His purposes and self love and evil sense of ownership over His gifts and ignorant perspectives of who He is! There is a day coming when I will know Him as He knows me!!! Who is like Him? There is none! I cannot describe the love that has awakened in me for Him, in this barren, small, weak wilderness of a prayer room He has me in, He is forming me into a lover of God!

“You are so good,

you never leave, when I think you should,

you are so kind,

with all you see, you still give me life.”


September 10, 2008

Leading a set

Leading a set

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry that I have not updated in a few weeks, it has been pretty crazy. Here is an mp3 of the message I gave at New River my last Sunday in Georgia. Hope it blesses you.

I don’t have much time to give a huge update but I will give you some highlights for this past week or so. I was in the process of making a video but am having some technical difficulties and need more time, so look for a video blog this coming week. The Lord has been doing so much in me. I have finally made the transition from Atlanta to Alamance County and have started to help build this dwelling place for the Lord this past week. I arrived on Friday, September 4 on a train. It has really been a huge blessing to be around the people the Lord has planted me with. They are all really awesome people that are radically in love with Jesus and have been called to the prayer movement to give their lives to prayer and fasting. We are in the very beginning stages of night and day prayer and are currently doing about 40 or 42 hours a week in the prayer room and in ministry. It has been a barren few days sitting before Him but He has been so faithful to reckon and impart more of a hunger to my Spirit. He is doing what He promised He would; teaching me to “pray without props.” I started playing sets just yesterday. We are having the very first class for our Way School of Ministry tonight. We are expecting about 20-25 people to participate. This Friday some people in the community are hosting a golf tournament to help raise funds for IHOP-AC. We are still going through the process of obtaining our new building so we can move out of the church sanctuary that we’re using. My director, David Gordon is an awesome man of God that I am privileged to be following and standing along side building His house. It is truly an honor. I began my in depth study on 1 John the day before yesterday. The Lord has provided an awesome place for me to live while I am here. One of the intercessory missionaries lives with his sister, and I moved in with them. Such a huge blessing. So, as of now, things are going really great here. The Lord is moving, He is building, He is drawing me deeper, He is good. Email me if you want to be on my mailing list for my monthly newsletter with your home address. Love you all, pray for me.