September 10, 2008

Leading a set

Leading a set

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry that I have not updated in a few weeks, it has been pretty crazy. Here is an mp3 of the message I gave at New River my last Sunday in Georgia. Hope it blesses you.

I don’t have much time to give a huge update but I will give you some highlights for this past week or so. I was in the process of making a video but am having some technical difficulties and need more time, so look for a video blog this coming week. The Lord has been doing so much in me. I have finally made the transition from Atlanta to Alamance County and have started to help build this dwelling place for the Lord this past week. I arrived on Friday, September 4 on a train. It has really been a huge blessing to be around the people the Lord has planted me with. They are all really awesome people that are radically in love with Jesus and have been called to the prayer movement to give their lives to prayer and fasting. We are in the very beginning stages of night and day prayer and are currently doing about 40 or 42 hours a week in the prayer room and in ministry. It has been a barren few days sitting before Him but He has been so faithful to reckon and impart more of a hunger to my Spirit. He is doing what He promised He would; teaching me to “pray without props.” I started playing sets just yesterday. We are having the very first class for our Way School of Ministry tonight. We are expecting about 20-25 people to participate. This Friday some people in the community are hosting a golf tournament to help raise funds for IHOP-AC. We are still going through the process of obtaining our new building so we can move out of the church sanctuary that we’re using. My director, David Gordon is an awesome man of God that I am privileged to be following and standing along side building His house. It is truly an honor. I began my in depth study on 1 John the day before yesterday. The Lord has provided an awesome place for me to live while I am here. One of the intercessory missionaries lives with his sister, and I moved in with them. Such a huge blessing. So, as of now, things are going really great here. The Lord is moving, He is building, He is drawing me deeper, He is good. Email me if you want to be on my mailing list for my monthly newsletter with your home address. Love you all, pray for me.


3 Responses to “Update”

  1. Pa Says:

    What’s up with the salamander guitar strap? πŸ™‚

  2. Evelyn Huth Says:

    Hey Snick,
    1 week as of yesterday. I miss you and consider the way that God continues to bless us through things like this blog. A worship set-thats exciting.
    Prayer Force night was a little sad-knowing that there is a void that can’t be filled just now. Still considering how to get a “real” intercession time effected there. I liked what you had shared with me and just today shared it with dad.
    Knowing that He is lavishing you with His kindness and surrounding you with brethern of the faith that will sharpen and exhort you.
    No lookers at the house yet…….Hmmmmmm………
    Keep hidden you and let us know what you are doing. Look forward to the video you are making!!!!!!

  3. aslade Says:


    this is the link to the dying to self poem! πŸ™‚ We are so glad you are here and apart of us! You are so vital and the Lord is using you so much already! Praise Him! πŸ™‚

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