The Lord is gracious and slow to anger…

September 29, 2008

I found these pictures of me online at a random picture site! It was weird. A good friend of mine from Minnesota that was a photographer took them. This was like 3 years ago or something. Crazy!

The Lord is doing a lot. Drawing me into hunger that is difficult to express in words. I am preparing to preach a sermon at IHOP-AC, two Fridays from now. Kind of nerve racking to say the least but I feel like the Lord is imparting some stuff. Please be praying for me concerning that. I am asking that the Lord will provide someone that would support me by way of paying for a cell phone plan for me. It would be very helpful in keeping in contact with my family, supporters, fellow intercessory missionaries and the house of prayer here. Praise Him for the provision He has made already. I feel His hand on what I am doing.


2 Responses to “The Lord is gracious and slow to anger…”

  1. Evelyn Huth Says:

    OK Preacher! On the Knowledge of God or what? Listened some more to the WAY. Since it is so intense-breaking it down to 30 minute segments and letting it take hold of me before moving on. Needing a picture of this truly etched in to the way of thinking and responding. (does that make any sense?)
    Pray if you could for Anna, she did her SOZO and came away amazed at the power of confession and forgiving and the innenr healing. Her sister April just doesn’t feel she can continue to care for her and wants to send her up north. Anna of coarse wants to stay where she is. April needs a touch from the Lord. Since there mother passed away 2-3 years ago-Pastor Scott mentioned that he hasn’t seen her smile. Real somber and hopeless like. Pray for their relationship also. Anna is just-excited about making Jesus known.
    Continue to keep NRCC in your prayers as Pastor Scott is moving into the Sermon on the Mount.
    Pray for us to have knowledge concerning the will of God with all spirtual understanding and wisdom. Want to truly come to know the perfect, pleasing and good will of God.
    Love you honey, Mom

  2. aslade Says:

    ooohhh…these are like artsy Wesley. I like your hair cut in these…it kinda looks like you straightened your hair. Thought I would let you know. So here I am letting you know.
    I really want to leave a smiley face…but who knows what that could imply. So I won’t. I’ll just say…haha…

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