concept to reality…

October 3, 2008

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updating lately, it has been a busy few days. I am getting ready to go to eat with a family that attends the church that we pray in. They are really on board with the prayer movement and I am really excited to get an opportunity to minister to them tonight. He is so faithful, so good, so loving, so alive, so ravished (even at my weakness), so patient, so kind, so zealous, so jealous, so compassionate, so in love, so merciful etc. etc. etc.

Saturday, a few intercessory missionaries and David Gordon (my director here at IHOP-AC) are heading for Romania for ten days. So next week I will be preaching the encounter service. I am super excited about the opportunity to release some of the things that He has been revealing to me as I give myself to Him in the place of prayer and fasting and meditation on the Living Word! I will be preaching on “Hungering for the Knowledge of God: Laboring for Reality.” The Lord is really opening my eyes to how much of my Christianity and Christianity in the West is just concept. So much is just mental ascent in my head, and so much needs to transcend to reality! It is the knowledge of God that will sustain us in this place of laboring for concept to become reality. 1 Peter 1:13 tells us to “fix your hope completely on the grace that will come to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” When we see Him, grace is released, and we have the opportunity to know Him in this age, and from that place of knowing Him, grace is released. Grace to pray, grace to fast, grace to live the sermon on the mount, grace to hunger, grace to be zealous for His purposes and will on earth, grace to love men, grace to love God etc. etc. etc. I am just gripped with this reality: too much of the church is not being sustained in the place of prayer, too much of the church hates prayer, and hates fasting because they do not have the knowledge of God as a reality in their heart instead of just concept, they do not know Him! It is so necessary that we give ourselves in humility to seeking reality! How does concept transcend to reality?



-meditation on the Word

-being lovers of Truth (humility and teachability).

Bless you all! Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray! If you have any prayer requests or if you want to receive my monthly newsletter for free please email me:

The Lord keep you and pour out immeasurable amounts of grace at the revelation of Jesus!


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