Sunshine and clever rhymes….

October 5, 2008

Here are some pictures from the past few days. The team left for Romania yesterday. Amanda and Katrina had a yard sale for one of the intercessory missionaries over at the house of prayer in Romania that the Lord started through David Gordon and raised about 160 bucks for her! Praise the Lord! It is crazy that He loves us so much that He has people from across the world help bring provision into our lives! Praise you Abba! Such an honor to be around such awesome people and serving such a wonderful God.

We have been listening a lot to this singer/songwriter named Jimmy Needham

He is a really bluesy soul-ish acoustic Christian artist. He is wonderful. The Lord is using him. In an interview I read he said some very insightful things.

Relating one-on-one with people is also what Needham considers to be the most rewarding part about playing shows. “I really want to make a point of having conversation with people. We want it to be ministry and not just entertainment,” Needham clarifies. “Entertainment is fine, but if it’s not bearing fruit for the Lord, I don’t see how any party benefits. No one can handle worship but God anyway, so if they’re just excited about me being up there, then that’s so vacant. And I’m going to get arrogant, they’re going to get idolatrous, and God’s not going to get any glory. So the more my music can be about putting the emphasis back on Jesus, the ministry of sharing the Gospel, then praise the Lord.” Read the article here.

This week Amanda will be teaching at our Way School of Ministry and I will be teaching at our Encountering God Service. I am currently working on my first newsletter and should send them out to anyone who wants one sometime this week. Praise the Lord for His provision! He is good, He is faithful, He is all I desire.

Bless you all for staying in touch with me through this blog. I am so blessed to have you behind me. Please pray.


2 Responses to “Sunshine and clever rhymes….”

  1. lovedrivenson Says:

    Hey man, sorry I haven’t messaged back. It has been really crazy lately. I miss you too man. I’ve been keeping up with some of your posts. I really miss talking with you. You rock my socks brother! Love you.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Like the pics! We had lakeside adventures in MN with this marathon (5 lakes to run around), would have rather done what you were!!!!! Reading Amos 5 right now-kind of ties into what you wrote about (worship). A newsletter-wow. Miss you and will talk soon. Love Mom

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