Pray…..and not lose heart!

October 10, 2008

Tiffany is in labor! Her water broke last night and this morning she was rushed to the hospital! Pray for a problem free birth and a healthy Isabella Grace!!!

Pray also for our intercessory missionaries:

John and Gracie




David Rickman

and me of course

also for David Gordon and the team in Romania right now!

Pray that the Lord will iron out the kinks we are running into in getting our new building.

Pray for my friend KT.

Pray for my friend Geoff, falling back into a homosexual lifestyle after being radically transformed.

Sometimes it hurts way too much being an intercessor. Everything affects me ten times more than it ever would have before I started sitting before the Lord, its nuts. Pray.

love you all and will update as soon as I get home tonight

I am preaching at Encounter Service on “Hungering for the Knowledge of God: Laboring for Reality.” I am scared out of my mind, but feel a peace coming on even as I type this. He is faithful, and will speak what those present need to hear. Pray that I will be a vessel.

Bless you all, we will talk again soon. I NEED PEOPLES ADDRESSES SO I CAN SEND THEM MY NEWSLETTER, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just quickly email me your home address.



One Response to “Pray…..and not lose heart!”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Hi honey,
    I’ll take that “shout out” to pray. Will be praying for you and what the Lord would have you to share for the Encounter Service.
    The Lord has been moving on my mind and heart to keep you all in prayer. Humility has been where the Spirit has been leading me so I do pray that You Jesus would answer the call of these intercessors to learn from You on how to walk in lowliness. I thank You for the witness that they are becoming by commiting themselves to taking on the yoke of meekness concerning their lives, their attitudes, speech and actions. I also ask that you would continue to reveal Your personality to them and that they would feel Your affections for them. Release revelation to them all and let them hear the voice of the Bridegroom King. Give them all wisdom of how to live before You and that they zealous to carry their heart in love, purity and humility. I pray Holy Spirit that You would set their gaze and that their greatest desire would be to burn for Jesus and keep close to You leading them in truth. In Jesus Name. Love you honey, Mom

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