O how great He truly is…

October 12, 2008

Friday night went really well. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and didn’t get the sermon recorded. But that is okay, it is probably better that way for my ego. The Lord is moving in some pretty awesome ways here. Yesterday we went to visit Tiffany and the baby, it was so wonderful. I got to hold Isabella Grace…the first baby I have ever held. I was just overwhelmed with the love of the Lord and His expression of Himself in the earth through this baby. Just thinking about the way the Lord knew us before the foundations of the world, and knit us together in our mothers wombs so intimately, all the while knowing our weaknesses and knowing the ways we would sin against Him and disagree with Him, and yet He extends patience, and mercy, and loving kindness and draws us near to Himself, to ravish us with uncreated love, and uncreated beauty, and uncreated splendor and glory. The very thought that the Lord longs to be known by mankind, is enough to ruin me for a million millenia….oh how worthy He is of all honor and glory and praise….every thought I think, all concentration of my mind, all affection and hunger and thirst. I WILL WASTE MY LIFE ON YOU OH LORD!! I WILL POUR OUT MY ALABASTER JAR OF AFFECTION ON YOUR HEAD, AND WIPE YOUR FEET WITH MY HAiR, RUIN ME WITH YOUR LOVE!!! RUIN ME WITH YOUR LOVE!!!

I am ruined….


One Response to “O how great He truly is…”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Saw the pics on Amandas site!
    Your a natural.
    Couldn’t say this better.
    Love you, Mom

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