October 17, 2008

Hey everyone,

Thanks for being patient with me in my updates. It is hard to find time to write. I am so thankful for all your prayer and supplication made on my behalf. The Lord is sustaining me, and drawing me away into the secret place. I feel the Lord producing in me an ache, and a burden to be broken in humility before Him, with a great zeal to partner with Him. I am desiring for Him to possess my mind, to take captive all concentration of thought. He is worthy of all of me! He is worthy of all of me! He is worthy of all of me!

I desire total submission to God. I desire obedience. I desire holiness. I desire sanctification. I desire faith. I desire fire on the inside. I desire deep intimacy. I desire consecration. I desire pure love.

For the Bride, I desire a counterculture Christianity instead of a sub-culture. I desire her to hunger for reality. I desire her to embrace the crucified lifestyle. I desire her to embrace the fasted lifestyle. I desire a Bride without mixture. I desire that she would cry out for mercy louder than she cries out for change. I ache for her to not desire man-made solutions to our injustices and unrighteous, but for her desire the Lords solutions. I pray that she would ache for revival. I pray that she would long for Jesus to come! I pray that she would be aware of the hour in which we live. I pray that she would break off lethargy, complacency, and apathy. I pray that she would submit fully to the value system of the Kingdom. I pray that she would pray again.

It is absolutely crucial that we as a church, begin to labor for reality to be formed in us and for concept to be crucified. We must be a people that are moved by Truth! Truly moved by Truth! I desire that

1) Eternity would be real to the Bride!

2) His coming would be real to the Bride!

3) The call, necessity, and desire to pray would be real to the Bride!

4) His character would be real to us!

The problem with the majority of our Christians here in the west is that they are simply agreeing with concepts and not submitting to realities. The reason we hate prayer is because He is not real to us. The reason we hate obedience to His commandments, the reason we are disgusted with the call to live the sermon on the mount, the reason we hate Christian disciplines and immediately label them legalism is because we DO NOT KNOW GOD! What we do know of Him is only concept. If there is any aspect of biblical literature or any aspect of Truth spoken that is cliche to you, you have no clue what it means, it is not reality!

This is a call for us as a Bride, to labor for reality in the place of prayer and fasting and study of the Word. We need REALITY!

Come, my Lord, no longer tarry,
Take my ransomed soul away;
Send thine angels now to carry
Me to realms of endless day


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