Revival Conference

October 22, 2008

Paul Washer is on live tonight at 7:30 Eastern time.

This promises to be very powerful.


4 Responses to “Revival Conference”

  1. Pa Says:

    Did ya see me on TV? I’m telling you, it was tense, edge of your seat preaching bro! That brother was preachin’ like some kind of machine!

  2. Marie Says:

    Jerald and I watched it over the net and he was very powerful and very convicting. I pray his words are accepted and lives are changed. It was probably very hard for some people to hear.

    Many blessings Wes!

  3. wesleyhuth Says:

    I didnt get to see any of it! I am praying that it comes up in mp3 form! I very much want to hear Paul on the subject of Revival and what it will take for this nation to put herself in the way of it, positioning and posturing herself for a move of the Spirit of the Living God!

  4. Pa Says:

    Its on

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