Turn the Tables

October 24, 2008

I have been feeling so desperate in my pursuit for spiritual poverty.

Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit for their’s is the kingdom of heaven.”

David Gordon (my director here at IHOP-AC) taught about this at the Way School of Ministry on Wednesday night. It was such an incredibly powerful teaching. The Spirit of Truth was really coming forth and piercing my heart and sinking into my Spirit as reality. It was powerful.

So as I have been meditating on what it means to live in the revelation of my depravity and being humbled by that revelation, the Lord has been fueling a hunger inside of me to give myself in abandon to that which He is doing in me and through me and around me.

Today I felt Him saying to me, “let Me turn the tables, let Me turn the tables, let Me turn the tables.” When I heard it the first time I understood immediately what He meant. The song that was playing in the prayer room was a Jason Upton one, and in the middle of it Jason says, “freedom is not being controlled by nothing, freedom is being controlled by the love of God.” This was a powerful truth.

Turn the tables Jesus. I believe the Lord was inviting me into the reality of being purged and refined of all that is inside of me agreeing with the spirit of the age. I feel the Lords zeal to cleanse this temple. Inside of me I can see all sorts of “tables” set up for my own gain, set up for my own pleasure, set up for my own convenience, set up for my kingdom, and they NEED to be turned. He is not passive about the purity of my heart, the purity of my intentions and the purity of my love. He is not passive about those things that I have established in this temple of the Spirit as tables of gain for the flesh. Just as He was zealous and jealous to cleanse His Fathers house, and turned the tables of the tax collectors, He is jealous to cleanse me of ALL lesser pleasures that I seek to mix in with this house of prayer. Jesus said that the people in that day were making His Father’s house, which was supposed to be a house of prayer, into a den for robbers. I believe the same thing is happening all throughout the church. We have made our personal temples for the Holy Spirit, which are supposed to be houses devoted to prayer, into a den for robbers; we have set up tables of pleasure in our hearts that are robbing Jesus of the affection He is due! The Lamb deserves the reward of His suffering. Is it not every ounce of our affection? Is it not all concentration of our thought? Turn the tables Jesus. Turn the tables. What does it look like, when a people will actually give themselves to partnering with Jesus, our Holy Bridegroom, in His jealousy to rid us of all that is not of Him; when we are jealous for Him to have our own hearts in the same way and intensity that He is jealous to have them? Turn the tables Jesus! Turn the tables!

Paul Washer said in his sermon at the revival conference on Wednesday night:

“If you want the church to be something other than a peculiar people than you want something that God does not want!”

What does a peculiar people look like? I believe it is a people without any tables set up in our temples. To the church without mixture, He will pour out the Spirit without measure. I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of His mercy, and the riches of kindness (which we have presumed upon, not knowing that it was meant to lead us to repentance) to cry out for Jesus to reveal the mixture in your own heart, partner with Him in His jealousy and zeal to cleanse the temple and say without reservation and full abandon to His purpose for you, to TURN THE TABLES!


2 Responses to “Turn the Tables”

  1. Marie Says:

    Wow, Wes. These are mighty powerful words. I do pray that the LORD would turn the tables in my life and in the lives of those at New River and around the world. The sound of the crash of flesh would be the most beautiful melody and the Light of the LORD Jesus would shine out brightly to this lost world.

    Thank you for sharing your heart’s cry with us and may we all join you in it.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Oh Wes-ache is all I can speak forth at the moment. These past few days the Holy Spirit has been dealing with deep hidden things that He gave and I have handled so irrevernetly. Grateful for the witness He used through preaching and other belivers to “bump” me back on track. Great lesson here-LISTEN/HEAR/DO or better said SIT/WALK/RUN. Truly believe we are going to be taken into a time of appropriating. Learning! Prayer that I would be humbly teachable. Pray for my heart to be plowed over again to break up the fallow ground. Pray that the seed being scattered would fall into the ground and that the rain would come to water and God be glorified in that which He is doing in our midst.
    I love you son and so miss talking. We keep missing one another over the phone.
    The post before this one-Oh those lyrics “He does everything through the eyes of mercy” wreck me everytime!!!!!! Oh how well my soul knows this very truth and Oh blessed are those who are merciful for they shall receive mercy.
    Keep burning brother because He is burning you so beautiful. Love, Mom

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