Albums worth purchasing for your Hidden Place

October 31, 2008

“These Streets Come Alive” Joel Khouri

“Forever and a Day” Anthony Skinner

“1200 Feet Below Sea Level” Jason Upton

“Faith” Jason Upton

“Closer to the Burning” Stephen Roach

“You Take My Breath Away” IHOP Compilation

Self Titled Phil Wickham Album

“Dying Star” Jason Upton

“The World Can Wait” Merchant Band

“Onething 2008” IHOP Compilation

“Immersed” IHOP Compilation

“Fading” Audra Lynn

“Relentless” Misty Edwards

“Brave New  Worship” Kelanie Gloeckler

“Holy” Cory Asbury/Matt Gilman

“Under the Apple Tree” Katie Bennet

“Revival in Belfast” Robin Mark

“The Longing” IHOP Atlanta Compilation

These are all really great CD’s for your secret time with the Lord. ITUNES has all of them I think.

Bless you guys. We’re going to pick up Tom, this homeless man to bring to the Encountering God Service tonight. Praise the Lord.


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