Onething is necessary

November 29, 2008

I have been home since Wednesday evening. It has been a very pleasant time with family and friends. The Lord has been doing so much and opening my eyes to so much.

I want to encourage everyone to check out this years Onething conference in Kansas City. It is going to be a very powerful time. Mike Bickle out in IHOP-KC said that this is a conference that you want to be a part of. He has never encouraged anyone to attend a conference and this year he is encouraging people to change their plans if they have to in order to be there.

Here is the promo video.

Mike Bickle is encouraging everyone to be there, he is going to be going through the book of Revelation verse by verse and proposes that this book is the end time churches prayer manual and the battle plans of Jesus! Powerful!

I will put more cohesive thoughts about this later. But check out the onething conference and change your plans to be there if you have to!



November 25, 2008

Here is Corey Russell again. If you have some time it would be good for your Spirit to listen to this. It is powerful.

…to the secret place

November 24, 2008

The Lord is showing me more and more every day the great necessity for messengers of the gospel to be formed in the secret place. It will be from years of gazing upon the Lord that forerunners will be raised up and emerge into the reality of preparing the way for the second coming of the Lord.
Here in the West we have been plagued with a “Fast food Mentality.” And we want our Christianity to be the exact same way. We have separated the reality of ministry to the Lord, and adopted the primary focus of ministering to man. We believe that primarily, we are called to minister to man.

I am so aching to see the Bride come into her identity as a kingdom of priests. A kingdom of those that are giving themselves to ministering to the Lord through prayer and intercession. We have forgotten that we are “partakers of a heavenly calling.” (Heb.3:1). We have forgotten that the Lord has zeal in His heart to release His kingdom, and that it will only be in the context of human agreement that this happens. He is hungry for human agreement with the divine will and has bound Himself to this reality; He will not do anything in the earth without first releasing the knowledge of what He is doing to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7)! We have forgotten that He has betrothed Himself to a Bride that will partner with the Holy Spirit at the end of the age in crying “Come! Come Lord Jesus! Come! (Rev. 22:17). He will split the sky and come! He is coming soon! He is raising up a generation of lovers of God! He is raising up a hungry people; a lovesick people!

Life is not right until you split the sky
the Spirit and the Bride say “Come”
We long for the day when You make all things new
We want to be with You
-Tim Reimherr

Corey Russell

November 19, 2008

This is the man we saw all weekend! What a powerful minister of the gospel!

Immersed Consecration

November 19, 2008

We are longing to partner with the Lord in raising up a generation of young people that will first and foremost give themselves in this age to being lovers of God. We believe that above all else the pleasure and fascination birthed in the heart of man by way of encounter with Jesus in this age will satisfy the heart of the youth in America and this famished generation of young people seeking to fill the void in their souls. There is nothing else worthy of pursuit, there is nothing else worthy of affection, there is nothing else worthy of our lives, and there is nothing else that will quench the thirst and ache of the inner man of this generation. We believe that by giving ourselves to prayer and fasting and lifestyles of consecration to the Lord that the Spirit will form in us reality and begin to draw us into a place of partnership with His heart in birthing His purposes in the earth by way of prayer and intercession. We believe that the Lord is raising up a nonstop night and day prayer and worship reality across the nations to usher in the second coming of Jesus and help make His Bride pure and spotless, without blemish or wrinkle, ready and prepared for the return of her Bridegroom to the planet. We believe that there is zeal in the heart of the living God to call young people out of apathy and complacency and concept Christianity and into lifestyles of radical abandonment, consecration unto the Lord, and deep intimacy with God. We believe the Lord is setting watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem that will not hold their peace day or night, unwilling to give Him rest until Israel is established, made a praise in the earth, and brought into salvation. We believe that the wisest thing to do in this hour is to give ourselves to knowing Jesus and drawing into our end of the age identity as a Bride. Come join us this January as we embark upon a journey into the heart of God. Are you ready to be Immersed?

If you know anyone looking for a time of consecration unto the Lord and a time to separate themselves from the things of this age tell them about our Immersed Consecration starting January 12 2009 at IHOP-AC.

I am desperate…

November 12, 2008

The Lord certainly has me in a peculiar place. I want to love Him with all that I am. I want to draw closer to Him and closer to His heart. I want my Christianity to be more than just cliche and conceptual. I want to tarry with Him truly in the garden. I don’t want to be offended at people, I don’t want to be hurt and affected by the way I am treated, I don’t want to desire to be pedestaled and esteemed, I don’t want to hunger for the affection of fallen people, I don’t want to be lead around by my soul.

I don’t want to feel worthless when the things I say don’t have the effect I want them to. I don’t want to feel alone. I don’t want to feel empty. I don’t want to feel like I am wasting my time in a prayer room. I don’t want to feel like I only have concepts and really have no depth or reality. I don’t want to feel like I have nothing to offer.

What I do want is to encounter the Lord, and He is so faithful to draw me into that place of encounter every day, whether it is gazing upon His impossible to hide attributes of glory, or exploring the depths of my own depravity and brokenness. He is pouring out grace to tarry with Him in the garden. He is helping me draw out of that place of being offended (it is such a long road) and into a place of confidence in my identity because confidence in my identity is really trust in His identity. He is taking me to a place where I will not be hurt and affected by how I am treated, or appear to be treated; not like I am now, where I feel crushed when I seem to be less esteemed than I desire. He is taking me to higher plains and higher mountains of encounter, and in order to follow Him, I have to leave behind so much, and shed so many of my layers, and lay down so much of the things I think I need, and just surrender to His leading. And as elevation increases, so does the depth of my inner communion with Jesus, and Oh the glory of tasting of His beauty in a truly secret place; heights that He alone can lead me to, secret corners of the spiritual realm that are only possible to explore as I abide in His love. He has promised to finish the work that He has started! ARE YOU NOT FAITHFUL OH GOD! TO FINISH THE WORK YOU’VE BEGUN!? ARE YOU NOT ZEALOUS TO PURIFY ME BY YOUR SPIRIT, AND TRULY DRAW ME INTO REALITY AND CONFIDENCE IN LOVE, INTIMACY WITHOUT SHAME! INTIMACY WITHOUT SHAME OH GOD! INTIMACY WITHOUT SHAME! IT IS MY CRY! I AM DESPERATE!

Lord let me not esteem the eyes of men, the reactions of men, the interaction with men, the words of men, the attitudes of men, the estimations of men, the ponderings of men, the thoughts of men, the logic of men, the reasoning of men, the reality of men, the theology of men, the suggestions of men, the influence of men, the sway of men, the pressure of men….

Lord let me not find identity in light of what the temporal realm labels me, and produces in me.
Lord let my identity be found in light of your identity ALONE!


The Lord is humbling me, more and more. I am finding I don’t always have the right words. I am finding I am not always the most radical. I am finding I am not always the best person to be around. I am finding I don’t always know the right spiritual response, or solution. I am finding I can’t always laugh people into happiness. I am finding that I am not as sincere as I think I am. I am finding that I am not always the best person for the job. TEACH ME TO GLORY IN MY WEAKNESS OH LORD! TEACH ME THAT YOU ARE NOT DISAPPOINTED THAT I AM A MERE JAR OF CLAY! TEACH ME THAT IT IS OKAY TO BE BROKEN AND EMPTY! I AM SPIRITUALLY POOR! I NEED YOU MORE TODAY THAN I DID YESTERDAY…..HELP! I am desperate….

November 10, 2008

I will not rest until You come and rest in me

You’re coming like the rains, of intimacy