Grace is awaiting you

November 6, 2008

I feel reality being formed in my Spirit in deeper measures concerning some things. I feel the necessity to take captive all of my thoughts and to force them into obedience and alignment with the Truth of the Word of God. Patience is critical. I feel the grace for it being given. I am understanding that my militant approach to my killing my flesh and condemning intolerance of it’s fruit is me operating in human zeal to see these things dead. I can only operate in love. “Abide in my love,” He says. “Walk in genuine love,” He exhorts. So my maturity in dying to self is accessible in my submission to His perfect timing and outpour of grace. The grace comes as I fall in love with Jesus. I cannot die to self and then believe it will draw me into love. I must encounter Love and death to self will be reactionary, an effect, or a result of that encounter with Love. For so long I have been operating in zeal crucifying my flesh and not operating in grace poured out at the encounter with Love. So the reality is this, as I encounter Him in the secret place and true love is shed abroad in my heart, I will be compelled to lay all other things down. I must keep my eyes on His face, and the arrow of my hunger aimed at His beauty-and the revelation of that beauty- and in the revelation poured out by way of encounter, I will be given grace to “count all as loss.” Instead of all this striving, I will die to self in grace because I am in love not because I want to be in love. It makes death to self a reactionary byproduct of love, instead of my pathway to love. The goal in this age is love unto death and not death unto love. Love is the pathway to death, death is not the pathway to love. Love is always previous.

So I must fall in love, and in the process of that, I can lay hold of the grace available to put to death the flesh.


3 Responses to “Grace is awaiting you”

  1. Jerald Says:

    Good post Wes. You said it many ways but always came back to the paradigm of loving first…
    It was your last statement that I’m contemplating – “So I must fall in love, and in the process of that, I can lay hold of the grace available to put to death the flesh.”
    What a wonderful way to put it.

  2. aslade Says:

    This is so good. Its all about love, love, love, love! 🙂 To walk in grace and not human zeal, what a wonderful thing! You are doing it! His grace is being poured out! WOOHOO!!! 🙂

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