Immersed Consecration

November 19, 2008

We are longing to partner with the Lord in raising up a generation of young people that will first and foremost give themselves in this age to being lovers of God. We believe that above all else the pleasure and fascination birthed in the heart of man by way of encounter with Jesus in this age will satisfy the heart of the youth in America and this famished generation of young people seeking to fill the void in their souls. There is nothing else worthy of pursuit, there is nothing else worthy of affection, there is nothing else worthy of our lives, and there is nothing else that will quench the thirst and ache of the inner man of this generation. We believe that by giving ourselves to prayer and fasting and lifestyles of consecration to the Lord that the Spirit will form in us reality and begin to draw us into a place of partnership with His heart in birthing His purposes in the earth by way of prayer and intercession. We believe that the Lord is raising up a nonstop night and day prayer and worship reality across the nations to usher in the second coming of Jesus and help make His Bride pure and spotless, without blemish or wrinkle, ready and prepared for the return of her Bridegroom to the planet. We believe that there is zeal in the heart of the living God to call young people out of apathy and complacency and concept Christianity and into lifestyles of radical abandonment, consecration unto the Lord, and deep intimacy with God. We believe the Lord is setting watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem that will not hold their peace day or night, unwilling to give Him rest until Israel is established, made a praise in the earth, and brought into salvation. We believe that the wisest thing to do in this hour is to give ourselves to knowing Jesus and drawing into our end of the age identity as a Bride. Come join us this January as we embark upon a journey into the heart of God. Are you ready to be Immersed?

If you know anyone looking for a time of consecration unto the Lord and a time to separate themselves from the things of this age tell them about our Immersed Consecration starting January 12 2009 at IHOP-AC.


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