December 29, 2008

I am in Kansas City right now at the Onething Conference.
I want to encourage everyone to tune into the worship and teachings RIGHT HERE! They are webstreaming it for free! It is something they have never done before. You can also watch it on God TV. The Lord is really moving and I feel Him really making solid a God birthed urgency for the hour in our Spirits! I will post more but I want to encourage you to check out the amazing worship and teachings and tell your friends and family! It is really a significant conference for the whole Bride to be a part of somehow!

Bless you!


I find that my own perspective of justice has been radically influenced by a compassion for mankind rather than a Spirit birthed jealousy for God’s glory and expression of His name. I will often times declare a thing to be unjust or in need of change simply because of the discomfort and suffering it causes a person or people group. The thought many times reveals itself in this manner, “it is not right for them to be starving to death because it is not right for the innocent to suffer” or “it is unjust for millions of babies to be murdered in their mothers wombs because they deserve an opportunity to live life.” This mindset, while noble and appearing to be pure, is humanism. My own desire for justice is often times birthed in humanism and sustained by humanism. You will meet many Christians who go into careers as doctors, and police officers and firemen and counselors and even to the mission field because they “just want to help people that are in need.” This is no different however than the atheist who chooses the same profession for the same reason; the motive of humanism. And why are we so moved and driven by our compassion for mankind? Is there a hidden desire inside of us that hopes that if we were in the same pit of despair that we too would be valued enough for a compassionate being to trouble himself with demanding justice on our behalf? Is it the inner Moral Nature that moves us to act on behalf of our fellow man? Is it a deep desire in us to set ourselves up as gods and control pain and suffering inflicted upon mankind?

This motive and urgency of humanism is brought into our ministries, and it seems to us that it has the right to reside there. We begin to approach even salvation from this perspective which causes us to believe that there is some inherent worth in mankind (apart from that which God has birthed and humbled Himself to “need” and desire) that would and could and naturally should motivate the Almighty God to bridge the gap between our depravity and His holiness and reconcile mankind to Himself. This is far from being true. Suddenly the gospel and the power of the gospel becomes the remedy to fix the problems of man and our extension of the love of Christ (through ministering to the poor, orphans and widows) is motivated by our desire to tame mankind’s sorrows and bridle its natural destruction. Our ministries then have very little or no distinction between those ‘ministries’ of the secular world and even less power because the end to which we are working is an end that will not sustain permanent change and transformation though it momentarily changes the temporal circumstance. Much of the church, whether she is aware of it or not, is imprisoned in this man-driven mindset to make heaven here on earth through temporal means and humanistic philosophies in hopes perhaps that she can do ‘what God is unable to do’ and put an end to pain and suffering now. This is tragic indeed. She has missed something that is crucial to the Christian faith; the necessity for pain and suffering and the profit it has in bringing men to Christ, and in forming Christ in men.

As a side note I would like to address the misfortune that because of our false perspective of justice, which lends a hand in leading us to a false perspective of pain, much of the Church now has, rather solidified, false perspectives of salvation, self denial, intimacy and communion with God, and the manner in which we are to approach evangelism. We have, however subconsciously, catered mostly to man and his ‘frame’ (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in our teaching of these subjects rather than staying loyal to the clear perspective revealed throughout Scripture and testified of in other nations besides America where the Church is rapidly growing with little or no ‘false conversions’ even in the midst of great tribulation and suffering while continuing to preach a pure and powerful gospel.

I have begun to realize and encounter recently, as I have sat before the Lord and begun to come into the knowledge of God, that the greatest injustice is not the fact that we have slaughtered 50 million babies in America, and not the fact that there are thousands and thousands of sex slaves all across the nations, and not the fact that millions of people are starving to death and live below the poverty line. I have discovered that the greatest injustice this age has ever known is the fact that Jesus, who is the only one worthy to open the scroll in Revelation 5, the Lamb that was slain, is not receiving the full reward of His sufferings! The greatest injustice this age has ever seen is the fact that Love is not loved by those Love loves! The greatest injustice this age has ever known is the fact that the Bride of Christ, the very bride that He burns with unspeakable passion for and possesses untold affections towards does not love her Bridegroom in the manner that He is worthy of and necessarily due! This is the Great Injustice of this Age! The Lamb is worthy to receive the reward of His sufferings, and He is not!

It is necessary that we move out of our humanism driven intercession and labors for pure justice and begin to draw into a place of longing for justice for a different reason. That reason is simply because it is what our High Priest and Bridegroom longs for. We do not primarily ask for justice because of injustice. We do not primarily ask for righteousness because of unrighteousness. We primarily labor for these things because when they come, He comes and a people that are in love with Jesus cannot live without Him near. We primarily labor for these things because it is burning in His heart that these things be established, and a lovesick Bride will partner with the burdens and aches and long to move syncopated and parallel with the burdens and aches of her Bridegroom. It moves from intercession birthed out of and sustained by humanism to intercession birthed out of and sustained by lovesickness, which is birthed out of and sustained by the knowledge of God! It is a great injustice in itself that the Bride is more driven by man centered motives than God centered motives. In giving ourselves to having this reality of lovesick birthed intercession formed in us we are beginning to tame that Great Injustice discussed above and also beginning to chip away at these other injustices far more effectively and powerfully.

There will be much more on this later but I just wanted to present some ideas that the Lord was setting before me today in the prayer room. Please feel free to ask any questions if I did not fully elaborate on something or explain it with effectiveness.

Some good reads

December 14, 2008

The Lord has had me in an interesting place these past few months concerning my perspective of beauty. I have always been very moved by poetry, and very drawn into intrigue at the world of literature, so much so that before dropping out of college to become a full time intercessory missionary, my only ambition in life was to become a college or high school literature teacher. I wanted to teach literature because I so desired for people to come into understanding of the accessible beauty found in words, and pure expression.

As I drew closer and closer to the Lord this actually began to present a problem. I did not know how to combine my deep love for poetry and literary expression and my deep love for the Lord and that which He was calling me to. It seemed like all that presented itself as beautiful in my world of poetry contradicted much of what Christianity labeled and expressed as beautiful. I could not find God in my poetry, or see how He could approve of it at all. Certain themes throughout poetry, that I found beautiful seemed to contradict certain themes throughout Christianity. Now, this may not seem like a serious issue. Some might wonder why poetry was so hard to lay at the feet of the Saviour and just move on with my life. It was more than the poetry, it was the connection to expression, and pure expression that poetry alone opened me to. It would be like giving up feeling and emotion for me. There are certain doors to beauty that are opened to me through expression and through literature.

Well, for years I felt like two different people because of my deep deep and growing love for poetry and my deep deep growing love for Jesus. Recently I read “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis. I went to Barnes and Noble with my friend Amanda and I sat there and read the whole book. I purchased it and read it again the next day all the way through. It was magnificent! I felt like I was going through some deep inner healing of misconceptions of beauty. My entire perspective of what was beautiful and what was pure expression radically shifted and I was presented with a bridge between my love for Jesus and my love for poetry. The book helped me realize the difference in fallen beauty and resurrected heavenly beauty.

I want to recommend a few books for people to read.

The Great Divorce–C.S. Lewis
Till We Have Faces–C.S. Lewis (My favorite book ever, I’ll have a review up later for this book, I need to read it again)
The Everlasting Man–G.K. Chesterton (I am reading this right now and it is an incredible book!)

Recently the Lord has provided for me to go to the Onething conference! My whole trip is paid for! Praise the Lord!
Also, my sister is going to pay for me to have a cell phone plan! Hallelujah! Thank you sister!
Amanda made me a Newsletter format too! Which was a huge blessing! Thank you Amanda!
Thank you all for your prayers and support! I will write more about what the Lord is doing here and hopefully have a newsletter up!

I want no other…

December 12, 2008

In You alone.
In You alone.
There is no other hiding place.
I have no safety, I have no home.
In You alone is peace. In You alone is rest.
There is no safe place. In You alone I rest.

I’ve sought my place, I’ve tried it all, I’ve wandered all around.
There is no rest, there is no peace, except in Your loving arms.
I want no other, All have failed me. There is no one but You.

Please, Father, hide me. Please, Father, set me in Your tower.
Wrap Your arms around me, cocoon me in Your love.
There is no place, there’s nowhere, there’s no hope, outside of Your arms.

I am Yours, I want no other, I am Yours. Hold me tight.
I am Yours, I want no other, I am Yours, Hold me tight.
Please Abba, I want no other, I am Yours. Hold me tight.

In you I trust, in You I rest, I have no peace but thine.
My eyes have failed, my hands have failed, my mind is good for naught.
My friends have gone, my family seeks my life, no man stands firm.
But in You I trust, in You I rest, please hold me tight.

Please Father, please hold my hand.
Please rub my head and tell me that it will all be OK.
Please Abba, please draw me close.
Please heal my heart and fill my cup full of You.
Please Lord, please hug me tight,
Please put it all back the way You wanted it all along.

Whatever it takes, whatever it costs, wash me clean,
Purge me, cleanse me, purify my heart.
I am dark with mud and dirt and blood.
I’m a man of unclean lips amongst an unclean people.
Touch a coal from Your altar to my tongue,
That I may speak only Your pure Truth
And sing only your praises with all my heart.
Have Your way with me and cleanse this vessel.

I am Yours, I want no other, I am Yours hold me tight.
I am Yours, I want no other, I am Yours, Hold me tight.
Please Abba, I want no other, I am Yours, hold me tight.

–Doug Perry


December 8, 2008

Hey everyone!

Thank you for being faithful to check in on what is happening with me. Thank you so much for being faithful to pray for me also.

There has been so much going on these past few weeks. Amanda and I have continued to prepare the material for the Immersed Consecration starting on January 12. Everyone on staff at the house of prayer is very excited to have interns to pour into and help consecrate! If you think that the Lord may be leading you into a season of consecration set apart for the Lord, or if you know someone that may be looking for an environment to encounter the Lord in check out the Immersed Consecration.

Recently the Lord has provided an awesome house for the guy interns and staff to live in. It is an unbelievable place and we are all really humbled that the Lord has made provision. There is possibly a girl house being donated too. I will have pictures up soon. We plan on moving in at the beginning of January. Thank you Jesus!

Our whole house of prayer is getting geared up for Onething! We cannot wait and really believe that it is going to be a significant time of encounter with the Lord and paradigm shifting unto lifestyle shifting! If you can find a way to be there or do the webcast it would be beneficial and worth it I am positive!

Things are preparing to shift for me. I ask that those of you reading this would continue to pray. The Lord is doing so much. The Lord provided a cell phone and plan for me through my older sister! I should have that soon and will be able to better keep in contact with many of you! Praise you Jesus!

If you would like to contribute funds are anything else to any of the prayer missionaries at IHOP-AC just visit this site.

Thank you all so much for everything! I will have some entries from my mediation journal up soon for you to read! Till then bless you all, and set your gaze towards Jesus, and your heart on a pilgrimage into His!


December 5, 2008

I want to take this time to personally express the urgency in my heart concerning the great need to be at the Onething Conference this year. I want to say first that I am not seeking to hype this up in any way, or attempting to hoodwink you into wasting your New Year’s Eve; what I am doing is seeking to sound an alarm in the Spirit concerning the end of the age, and the great necessity for us to prepare ourselves.

The Lord is certainly raising up a generation of forerunners that will operate in the same gifting and grace as John the Baptist to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus to the planet. Much of the church is unaware of this reality much less moving into a place of aligning themselves with it. However, it is a sure thing in the scripture that the in the last days the spirit of Elijah will be poured out. There will be a group of forerunners giving themselves to the wilderness, being formed into burning and shining lamps, and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom living sermon on the mount lifestyles of prayer, fasting and meditation in the Word with deep revelation of who the Father is and who Jesus is as the Bridegroom, King and Judge.

This years Onething Conference is not just going to be a cool worship and teaching conference. It is not going to be “just another event.” It is not going to be four days that will not be remembered. The leadership teams out in IHOP-KC believe that the Lord is doing some very critical things in this hour to prepare the end time church for His second coming. This year at Onething they are bringing the Forerunner message off of the back burner and to the forefront of their teachings. They are seeking to sound an alarm in the spirit and birth an urgency in the heart of the Bride so that she can begin to corporately, in unity, begin to prepare Herself for the Bridegroom. One thing the leadership is really seeking to do this year is expose many of the lies the Church has bought into concerning relevance and tolerance. Mike Bickle said this,
“Lou Engle, Allen Hood, Misty Edwards, myself and the other leaders here at IHOP–KC feel the unique urgency of this hour. There is a dire need to call forth and train a generation of forerunners who have clarity as to what the Holy Spirit is saying, but also the boldness to confront and expose the lies that many leaders in the Body of Christ, even those with a 5-fold ministry calling, are attributing to the Holy Spirit.

We want to clearly address these issues and give specific action plans of how we can intentionally prepare ourselves and prepare others to confront the emerging antichrist systems in our culture and expose the increasing deception that blinds many in the Church today.”

Instead of breakout sessions this year, all those attending the conference will stay in the main auditorium and Mike is going to go through the book of Revelation, presenting it to us as the “canonized prayer manual for the end of the age” the “battle plans for Jesus at the end of the age” and the “book of the acts of the praying Church at the end of the age!” If we are going to be on board with Jesus, partnering with Him in His return by way of intercession, it is critical that we understand what is on His heart.

I want to urge urge urge all of you that are toying with the idea of possibly going, to go for sure! I want to encourage with intensity intensity intensity all those that don’t have any clue what I am talking about, to go to this conference. I want to encourage all of you that are hungry to encounter the Lord and draw into your end of the age identity and calling to go to this conference. The leadership at IHOP-KC sincerely believe that this is going to be a crucial point in human history! (In case you didn’t notice, that is a HUGE statement!)
Change your plans if you have to in order to be at this conference, it will absolutely change your life! It is time to get on board with what the Lord is doing in this hour concerning the second coming of Jesus. It is time to align ourselves with the plan of Jesus. It is time to get out of the darkness of not understanding what we believe about the end times and dive into a study of this book. We cannot be people that do not give ourselves to study of eschatology.

Go to this site to register for the conference. Pray hard! Change your plans if you must. The Lord has a burning in His heart to sound an alarm in the Spirit about the end of the age.

This is a Onething promo video from 2007! Some of the artists advertised in this video may not be there this year! But it is a powerful video.
Here is the new video for the Immersed Consecration! Check it out!

Bold Words…

December 3, 2008

This is the fourth podcast that Mike Bickle has been doing about the Onething 2008 Conference. He says some pretty bold stuff and really makes clear what will be happening this year at the conference. I encourage everyone to listen to this with open minds and really ask the Lord if what this guy is saying is true, and if He would have you attend this conference. I believe that this is going to be a pivotal moment in our lives, and one that will change us in dramatic ways. Pray about attending. It isn’t “just another conference.” The Lord is going to change lives and set people on fire for the kingdom.