December 5, 2008

I want to take this time to personally express the urgency in my heart concerning the great need to be at the Onething Conference this year. I want to say first that I am not seeking to hype this up in any way, or attempting to hoodwink you into wasting your New Year’s Eve; what I am doing is seeking to sound an alarm in the Spirit concerning the end of the age, and the great necessity for us to prepare ourselves.

The Lord is certainly raising up a generation of forerunners that will operate in the same gifting and grace as John the Baptist to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus to the planet. Much of the church is unaware of this reality much less moving into a place of aligning themselves with it. However, it is a sure thing in the scripture that the in the last days the spirit of Elijah will be poured out. There will be a group of forerunners giving themselves to the wilderness, being formed into burning and shining lamps, and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom living sermon on the mount lifestyles of prayer, fasting and meditation in the Word with deep revelation of who the Father is and who Jesus is as the Bridegroom, King and Judge.

This years Onething Conference is not just going to be a cool worship and teaching conference. It is not going to be “just another event.” It is not going to be four days that will not be remembered. The leadership teams out in IHOP-KC believe that the Lord is doing some very critical things in this hour to prepare the end time church for His second coming. This year at Onething they are bringing the Forerunner message off of the back burner and to the forefront of their teachings. They are seeking to sound an alarm in the spirit and birth an urgency in the heart of the Bride so that she can begin to corporately, in unity, begin to prepare Herself for the Bridegroom. One thing the leadership is really seeking to do this year is expose many of the lies the Church has bought into concerning relevance and tolerance. Mike Bickle said this,
“Lou Engle, Allen Hood, Misty Edwards, myself and the other leaders here at IHOP–KC feel the unique urgency of this hour. There is a dire need to call forth and train a generation of forerunners who have clarity as to what the Holy Spirit is saying, but also the boldness to confront and expose the lies that many leaders in the Body of Christ, even those with a 5-fold ministry calling, are attributing to the Holy Spirit.

We want to clearly address these issues and give specific action plans of how we can intentionally prepare ourselves and prepare others to confront the emerging antichrist systems in our culture and expose the increasing deception that blinds many in the Church today.”

Instead of breakout sessions this year, all those attending the conference will stay in the main auditorium and Mike is going to go through the book of Revelation, presenting it to us as the “canonized prayer manual for the end of the age” the “battle plans for Jesus at the end of the age” and the “book of the acts of the praying Church at the end of the age!” If we are going to be on board with Jesus, partnering with Him in His return by way of intercession, it is critical that we understand what is on His heart.

I want to urge urge urge all of you that are toying with the idea of possibly going, to go for sure! I want to encourage with intensity intensity intensity all those that don’t have any clue what I am talking about, to go to this conference. I want to encourage all of you that are hungry to encounter the Lord and draw into your end of the age identity and calling to go to this conference. The leadership at IHOP-KC sincerely believe that this is going to be a crucial point in human history! (In case you didn’t notice, that is a HUGE statement!)
Change your plans if you have to in order to be at this conference, it will absolutely change your life! It is time to get on board with what the Lord is doing in this hour concerning the second coming of Jesus. It is time to align ourselves with the plan of Jesus. It is time to get out of the darkness of not understanding what we believe about the end times and dive into a study of this book. We cannot be people that do not give ourselves to study of eschatology.

Go to this site to register for the conference. Pray hard! Change your plans if you must. The Lord has a burning in His heart to sound an alarm in the Spirit about the end of the age.

This is a Onething promo video from 2007! Some of the artists advertised in this video may not be there this year! But it is a powerful video.
Here is the new video for the Immersed Consecration! Check it out!


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