December 8, 2008

Hey everyone!

Thank you for being faithful to check in on what is happening with me. Thank you so much for being faithful to pray for me also.

There has been so much going on these past few weeks. Amanda and I have continued to prepare the material for the Immersed Consecration starting on January 12. Everyone on staff at the house of prayer is very excited to have interns to pour into and help consecrate! If you think that the Lord may be leading you into a season of consecration set apart for the Lord, or if you know someone that may be looking for an environment to encounter the Lord in check out the Immersed Consecration.

Recently the Lord has provided an awesome house for the guy interns and staff to live in. It is an unbelievable place and we are all really humbled that the Lord has made provision. There is possibly a girl house being donated too. I will have pictures up soon. We plan on moving in at the beginning of January. Thank you Jesus!

Our whole house of prayer is getting geared up for Onething! We cannot wait and really believe that it is going to be a significant time of encounter with the Lord and paradigm shifting unto lifestyle shifting! If you can find a way to be there or do the webcast it would be beneficial and worth it I am positive!

Things are preparing to shift for me. I ask that those of you reading this would continue to pray. The Lord is doing so much. The Lord provided a cell phone and plan for me through my older sister! I should have that soon and will be able to better keep in contact with many of you! Praise you Jesus!

If you would like to contribute funds are anything else to any of the prayer missionaries at IHOP-AC just visit this site.

Thank you all so much for everything! I will have some entries from my mediation journal up soon for you to read! Till then bless you all, and set your gaze towards Jesus, and your heart on a pilgrimage into His!


One Response to “Update!”

  1. Jerald Says:

    Wes, you are definitely on our hearts. It was so good seeing you recently. It just reminded me of how much you are missed around here.
    Blessings on your and your work for the Lord.

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