Some good reads

December 14, 2008

The Lord has had me in an interesting place these past few months concerning my perspective of beauty. I have always been very moved by poetry, and very drawn into intrigue at the world of literature, so much so that before dropping out of college to become a full time intercessory missionary, my only ambition in life was to become a college or high school literature teacher. I wanted to teach literature because I so desired for people to come into understanding of the accessible beauty found in words, and pure expression.

As I drew closer and closer to the Lord this actually began to present a problem. I did not know how to combine my deep love for poetry and literary expression and my deep love for the Lord and that which He was calling me to. It seemed like all that presented itself as beautiful in my world of poetry contradicted much of what Christianity labeled and expressed as beautiful. I could not find God in my poetry, or see how He could approve of it at all. Certain themes throughout poetry, that I found beautiful seemed to contradict certain themes throughout Christianity. Now, this may not seem like a serious issue. Some might wonder why poetry was so hard to lay at the feet of the Saviour and just move on with my life. It was more than the poetry, it was the connection to expression, and pure expression that poetry alone opened me to. It would be like giving up feeling and emotion for me. There are certain doors to beauty that are opened to me through expression and through literature.

Well, for years I felt like two different people because of my deep deep and growing love for poetry and my deep deep growing love for Jesus. Recently I read “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis. I went to Barnes and Noble with my friend Amanda and I sat there and read the whole book. I purchased it and read it again the next day all the way through. It was magnificent! I felt like I was going through some deep inner healing of misconceptions of beauty. My entire perspective of what was beautiful and what was pure expression radically shifted and I was presented with a bridge between my love for Jesus and my love for poetry. The book helped me realize the difference in fallen beauty and resurrected heavenly beauty.

I want to recommend a few books for people to read.

The Great Divorce–C.S. Lewis
Till We Have Faces–C.S. Lewis (My favorite book ever, I’ll have a review up later for this book, I need to read it again)
The Everlasting Man–G.K. Chesterton (I am reading this right now and it is an incredible book!)

Recently the Lord has provided for me to go to the Onething conference! My whole trip is paid for! Praise the Lord!
Also, my sister is going to pay for me to have a cell phone plan! Hallelujah! Thank you sister!
Amanda made me a Newsletter format too! Which was a huge blessing! Thank you Amanda!
Thank you all for your prayers and support! I will write more about what the Lord is doing here and hopefully have a newsletter up!


One Response to “Some good reads”

  1. Evelyn Huth Says:

    So good to read your posts Wes. Dad read that one by C.S. Lewis. Remember that you talked of Till We Have Faces alot-but still haven’t read it.
    Nathaniel has connected with us-after playing phone tag. He’s on board. Getting ready!!!! Miss you honey and I agree with you over the Lord’s grace released to provide for you to attend Onething and getting a phone and excited about you all having a format for a newsletter!
    XOXO Mom

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