Sacred Charge

January 3, 2009

So we just returned from IHOP-KC and the Onething Conference yesterday after an 18 hour bus trip through the night. It was a long trip but the Lord really did a lot in our group. It was powerful! I hope that some of you took advantage of the opportunity to tune into what was going on at the conference, it truly was a deep time of encounter and opening of eyes. The worship was unbelievable! The teaching was piercing and powerful! The time before the Lord in the prayer room was electric!

Some things the Lord really highlighted during this conference was the great necessity for us as Forerunners to begin to prepare ourselves and submit to His leadership in forming and solidifying the end of the age message IN us. At the end of the conference he gave a Sacred Charge, asking that all those that are truly feeling lead by the Lord to give their lives to “eating the scroll” and partnering with Him in His end time strategy would come forth for prayer with a commitment in their heart to honor the Sacred Charge.
There were seven parts to the Sacred Charge:

1) Pray Daily. 2 hours in prayer and the Word a day. Read the book of Revelation once a week for three years.
2) Fast Weekly. Setting our heart to fast two days a week.
3) Speak Boldly. standing as a Faithful Witness in allegiance to Jesus’ heart for the Church, Israel, and the nations.
4)Do Justly. doing works of justice focusing on the fatherless and oppressed.
5) Give Extravagantly. giving to the prayer movement. (beyond our tithe).
6) Live holy. walking out the sermon on the mount and keeping the purity covenant.
7) Lead Diligently. leading weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies focused on training forerunners.

These are the seven commitments Mike Bickle and the leadership in Kansas City called us to for the next TEN YEARS. He preceded the call by saying that he wasn’t looking for people that just sort of kind of wanted to be involved with what the Lord was doing, but that this was a huge commitment and would demand a radical lifestyle shift, so not to come forward unless you truly felt the Lord leading you. There were about 15 thousand people at the conference. This was the last night, on New Year’s Eve. He made the call and close to 2000 young adults came forth!! It was such an awesome moment to see that so many were being lead by the Lord to give their lives to being formed into a Forerunner. Mike Bickle said that that moment was the most critical moment in all his ministry and was up there weeping. It was a very powerful moment.

I would encourage you all to get a hold of the teachings from the conference and sit before the Lord and prayerfully consider what He has for you in the coming years concerning your role in partnering with Him in the end of the age. He is coming, He is jealous, He has an end time agenda, and we, His Bride, have almost no concept for what He is doing and how we are to partner with Him.

My Beloved is Beautiful
He’s Dazzling and Excellent
My Beloved is Beautiful!

He’s coming to rule
He’s coming to reign!
He is the King
He is the King!
He’s coming to rule
He’s coming to reign!


3 Responses to “Sacred Charge”

  1. I attended the conference and committed to this “Sacred Charge”, thank you for posting this article. I was wondering where I was going to find more information on these 7 items.

    2009 is going to be much different from 2008!

    People get ready ….. Jesus is coming!!!! It’s true!

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