Learning to lean unto learning to love

January 7, 2009

“He brought me to the wilderness so I could learn to sing
He lets me know my barrenness so I can learn to lean”

Today in the prayer room the Lord really came in such a sweet way. Since we’ve returned from Kansas City we have really been feeling the Lord’s zeal to establish His Bride in the reality of the great and foremost commandment truly being foremost.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is the great and foremost commandment.”

A few weeks ago the Lord began to speak to me about the greatest injustice of this age. He told me that the greatest injustice of this age is not that we have murdered 50 million babies in America alone, and not that there is 20 million slaves on the planet right now and not that there are thousands of people across the nations starving to death while we throw more food away than we know what to do with. He spoke so clearly to me, and in such a tender yet brokenhearted tone that the greatest injustice of this age is the fact that Jesus is not loved in the manner He is worthy! The Lamb is not receiving the Reward of Love DUE His sufferings! The Bride is not ravished by the ravished Bridegroom! We can easily pass this off as a radical generalization (mostly because the greatest commandment seems impossible to attain) but it is truly a serious issue. Jesus is not loved. The One who is MOST worthy of love, is not receiving love. The One who alone is worthy to open the scroll in Revelation 5-6, most do not consider worthy of radical love. No one would agree with this statement in so many words, but if we examined the hearts of many even in the Body of Christ today I do not hesitate to say we would find that many believe that the lack of radical abandonment to the Great Lover of our soul is not an issue. This is an issue.

So to continue, the Lord began to speak to me about that again today in the prayer room as we prepared for intercession. He spoke that to me again, that the greatest injustice of this age is the fact that Jesus the Bridegroom is not loved even by His own Bride. He went on to say that the indictment against the church is NOT the fact that Jesus is not loved as He should be, because it is not our job to conjure love up inside of us anyway, the indictment against the church is she is not leaning. He highlighted Song of Solomon 8:5, “Who is this coming up out of the wilderness leaning on her Beloved?” I heard Him speak so clearly, “the measure in which you will love is the measure in which you will lean!”

We know that it is impossible for any man to love God unless by His Spirit through His grace God produces love in that person. We love Him because He first loved us. So the indictment against the Church is not that we have not conjured up enough love for Jesus, the indictment against the Church is that we have not leaned upon Him to produce that love in us! The measure that we will lean upon His Spirit is the measure that He will produce love in us! As much as we bring ourselves to lean is as much as He can bring us to love Him!

So why all the wildernesses? Why all the barrenness? Why the hardship? Why trial? Why end of the age persecution?
He knows that He must get us to lean if He is going to get us to love!
He knows that we cannot love Him, but one thing we are really good at is being weak. So He sets it up in such a way through wildernesses and barrenness to make us weak and cause us to recognize our weakness. We will not lean without the recognition of our weakness! So wilderness comes! And we recognize He cannot be obtained, so we lean, in our weakness upon His power, and grace, and compassion, and our love grows as we lean!
He brings us forth in love, by bringing us through the wilderness! His leadership is flawless! You shall love me, therefore I shall bring hardship! This slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison; love for Jesus!

When we get this, we move from the place of hating hardship, past the place of just begrudgingly tolerating hardship, barrenness and wilderness into the place of loving and cherishing the trials, tests, barrenness, wilderness, poverty in spirit, hardship and persecution because we recognize it as the doorway to love for the Lamb! We will begin to truly treasure the wilderness because we know that it is a tool that He is using to force us to lean upon Him, and in that leaning, lean upon Him for the love to love Him! He is gifting us with love for Him by causing us to lean on Him!

You want me close
so cause me to lean
I am weak
make me weaker
so I have to lean
Who is this
coming up from the wilderness
leaning on the Lamb slain for Love

I am Your temple
come rest in me
I am Your kingdom
come reign in me
I am Your garden
delight in me
I am becoming eternal

I cannot lay hold of love lest I lean on Love for love!

I count the wilderness as joy
I count the barrenness as joy
I count my weakness all as joy


4 Responses to “Learning to lean unto learning to love”

  1. Marie Says:

    There are no words. This makes me cry. All I can think is “Take up your cross, and follow Jesus. Take up your cross, everyday. Count the cost, and take up your cross, and follow Him.”

  2. Susan Rickman Carneal Says:

    Wesley….WOW! I just thought I’d check out ya’lls website and then I started reading blogs. I am deeply touched and my heart pierced by your blog today. I know I don’t lean on Him or love Him like I should…and not so much should but want to. I have for far too long had a broken spirit and a deadness within. I long to be awakened.
    I am so touched by what God in doing in all your hearts at IHOP-AC.

  3. aslade Says:

    This is awesome Wesley! The Lord is really unifying us I believe, because He is speaking so much of the same thing to all of us! Praise the Lord!

  4. evelyn Says:

    He is simply awesome! Faithful is He who will do it as He reaises up those that will become His friends. Keep proclaiming! Love Mom

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