The Father’s Affirmation

February 14, 2009

Hey everybody!
Wow it has been a long and busy few weeks! Thank you so much for being patient with my lack of updating. It has been an intense schedule for me recently.

The Lord has been doing so much in me recently. It has been a trying time, and a time of growth and a time of maturing. It has been a time of leaning leaning leaning leaning! I am so thankful for His patience with me and the grace He gives me to stay sustained in the place of prayer and sitting at His feet. It has been a difficult time for me, but the Lord has certainly used it to cause me to lean. Please pray for me! Pray that He would continue to bring me forth in love! The wilderness is such a crucible!

I would like to share something that David Gordon spoke last night at our Encountering God Service here at IHOP-AC.
We have been in a series about wholehearted love for God. It has been so powerful and very exposing. Last Wednesday at our Way School of Ministry Class, David Rickman got up to speak and was in shambles before His throne over this thing. It was that in the book of Daniel, three times before the Lord gives Daniel intense and revolutionary end time revelation, the angel of the Lord calls him “highly esteemed” or “greatly beloved one.” David Rickman was in pieces and standing before us weeping because of the affirmation of the Father before the releasing of revelation or the commissioning to serve and do! The Lord speaks Daniel’s identity over him before He gives him His plans for the end of the age. The Lord speaks to Daniel the emotions of His heart before He speaks to Daniel the purposes of His heart! What a powerful reality! It is like the Lord is saying, “we’ll get to the end time revelation Daniel, we’ll get to the plans and strategies and purposes of my heart Daniel, but first, you must know, you are greatly beloved! you are highly esteemed! you ravish my heart! you are mine!”

So David Gordon took this to the Lord in the prayer room and the Spirit began to highlight other times where the Father first affirms and then commissions!

Father’s Affirmation
Israel: “God’s own possession” (special treasure)
Ex. 19:5…(church) Eph. 1:14, 1 Peter 2:9
Father’s Transcendent Cause
Context: Tabernacle/House of Prayer
Ex. 25:8…(church) Eph. 2:20-22, 1 Peter 2:4-9

Father’s Affirmation
David: “Sought out and found David” (favor/grace)
1 Sam. 13:14, Acts 13:22, Acts 7:46
Father’s Transcendent Cause
Context: King of Israel/ Dwelling place for God
1 Chron, Acts 7:46, 13:22, 36, 15:16-18

Father’s Affirmation
Daniel: “highly esteemed” (desirable, precious)
Dan 9:23, 10:11 & 19
Father’s Transcendent Cause
Context: Plan of the ages/end time revelation
Daniel 9-12

Father’s Affirmation
Mary: “Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you!”
(favor/grace) Luke 1:28
Father’s Transcendent Cause
Context: A womb for the Messiah/Son of God
Luke 1:31-35

Father’s Affirmation
Jesus: “You are my Beloved Son, in you I am well pleased”
Luke 3:21-22, 9:35
Father’s Transcendent Cause
Context: Public 3 1/2 year ministry (sinless, the cross)
The gospels

Father’s Affirmation
John: “The disciple whom Jesus loved”
John 13:23, 19:26, 20:2, 21:7 & 20
Father’s Transcendent Cause
Context: Preparation of an Apostle/end time revelation
I John, II John, III John, The Gospel of John, Revelation

So many times throughout the scriptures before the Lord sends someone He first affirms them as His beloved! It is so crucial for us going into ministry to really come into the reality of our identity before we go out as one commissioned. We need priests before prophets! We need to be rooted and grounded in love before we go out to labor! A lover will work harder than a worker any day anyway!
David Gordon said, in Christianity there are so many people responding to the urgent and neglecting the essential! We are responding to what seems to be the need of the hour and forgetting about what is essential; forgetting that the urgent will not be shifted or changed if the essential is absent!

What is the essential?

Intimacy with God.

We need to know Him.

The knowledge of God will sustain us.

Man shall not live by bread alone.

Looking at Jesus coming out of the wilderness to be tempted. Satan challenges the very thing that God had spoken over Jesus at His baptism. Satan says, “if you are the Son of God…” when just six weeks earlier God broke forth from the heavens declaring, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased!” Jesus was rooted in His identity and was able to resist temptation because of His confidence in what the Father had spoken over Him.
It is encouraging reading through John to see the multitude of times that John refers to himself as “the one that Jesus loved” (John 13:23, 19:26, 20:2, 21:7 & 20). He was rooted in his identity.
I encourage you, tarry in the presence of God, allow Him to affirm you. Let Him break off your desire to be affirmed by man. Sit at His feet and hear Him call you Beloved! Choose the good portion, that will not be taken from you.


2 Responses to “The Father’s Affirmation”

  1. Jerald Says:

    As Daniel was rooted in the Father,
    As John was rooted in Jesus,
    Jesus is rooted in the Father.

    In John 8:28, 12:49 13:20, 14:10, 20 and probably many other places Jesus affirms that it’s not Him that is doing, saying, thinking or performing anything – it’s the Father in Him that does the work. Then They (the Trinity) indwells us and all our saying, thinking and performing is not us – it’s all Him and Him and Him. See Jn. 14:23.

    Good word Wes. Keep writing. It’s necessary.

  2. Mike Says:

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