The Book of Revelation

March 21, 2009

Since this past Onething Conference in Kansas City IHOP-AC has really been going hard after the book of Revelation. The Lord has really given us a special grace for encounter with His heart through the book and also been applying eye salve to our blind eyes to understand the book. It has been a special time. So in the midst of this I have begun reading a commentary of sorts on the book of Revelation written many years ago, called “The Apocalypse.” It has been extraordinary! Here are some quotes from the book. He is very passionate about the study of the book of Revelation and the coming of the Lord!

“Fiction has painted the picture of a maiden whose lover left her for a voyage to the Holy Land, promising on his return to make her his beloved bride. Many told her that she would never see him again. But she believed his word, and evening by evening she went down to the lonely shore, and kindled there a beacon-light in sight of the roaring waves, to hail and welcome the returning ship which was to bring again her betrothed. And by that watchfire she took her stand each night, praying to the winds to hasten on the sluggish sails, that he who was everything to her might come. Even so that blessed Lord, who has loved us unto death, has gone away to the mysterious Holy Land of heaven, promising on his return to make us his happy and eternal Bride. Some say that he has gone forever, and that here we shall never see him more. But his last word was, “Yea, I come quickly.” And on the dark and misty beach sloping out into the eternal sea, each true believer stands by the love-lit fire, looking, and waiting, and praying and hoping for the fulfillment of his word, in nothing gladder than in his pledge and promise, and calling ever from the soul of sacred love, “Even so come, Lord Jesus.” And some of these nights, while the world is busy with its gay frivolities, and laughing at the maiden on the shore, a form shall rise over the surging waves, as once on Galilee, to vindicate forever all this watching and devotion, and bring to the faithful and constant heart a joy, and glory, and triumph which never more shall end.”

“That religion which does not look for a returning Saviour, or locate its highest hopes and triumphs in the judgment scenes for which the Son of man must reappear, is not the religion of this book, and is without authority to promise salvation to its devotees. And those addresses to the Churches which have no “Behold he cometh” pervading or underlying them, have not been indited by “the Seven Spirits of God,” nor sent by Him whose Apocalypse is the crown of the inspired Canon. Murmur at it, dispute it, despise it, mock at it, put it aside, hate it, and hide from it, as men may, it is a great fundamental article of the Gospel, that that same blessed Lord, who ascended from Mount Olivet, and is now at the right hand of God the Father Almighty, shall come from thence to judge the quick and the dead, and to stand again on that very summit from which he went up. This is true, as Christ himself is true; and “he that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.” Amen.”

“Terrible as it will be to the wicked, and the unprepared, and those who refuse the warnings which we give them, it is a precious day to the saints, a day to be coveted, and to be prayed for with all earnestness of desire. The poor faint-hearted Christianity of our times can hardly contemplate it without trembling and annoyance. Many who profess and call themselves Christians would rather not hear about it, and would prefer, if they had their choice, that Christ might never come. It was not so in the days of Christianity’s pristine vigour. Then the anxious inquiry of disciples was, “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” “Lord, wilt thou at this time restore the Kingdom to Israel?” Then Christians wrote to each other in joyous congratulation, that their citizenship was in heaven, whence they looked for the coming of the Saviour; and comforted one another in the assurance that the Lord himself is to descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and, as directed by their Lord, lifted up their heads, and looked up with joyful hope at every turn in human affairs which they could by any means construe into a probable herald of his hearing epiphany. Then the prayer, “Thy Kingdom come,” had a depth of meaning and lively anticipation which now has wellnigh been lost. Then “the appearing of Jesus Christ” had a power over the soul which made it “rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory;” and the most earnest and constant call of apostles and their followers was, “Come, Lord Jesus; come quickly. Even so. Amen.” Nor can the Church ever be her true self, or enter into the true spirit of her faith, or rise to the true sublimity of her hope, where this is not the highest object of her deepest desire. For how, indeed, can we regard ourselves as rightly planted upon the apostolic foundation, if we cannot join with heart and soul in this apostolic prayer?”

There is more to come from this book I assure you! It can be found online for free also I believe. Look into it! He is not altogether accurate on everything he believes but there is so much good and a wealth of understanding and passion to lay hold of in this man’s writing that I do not consider it a waste of time to delve! Bless you all!


3 Responses to “The Book of Revelation”

  1. Jerald Says:

    Jesus did give us plenty of teaching on His coming so you might wonder why there is not more in the modern church.
    Thanks Wes. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I don’t want my oil to run out.

  2. Evelyn Huth Says:

    To hasten His return huh? Living with longing and an ache that marks our testimony and witness. Thanks Wes, for writing this out-easily read!!!
    Love, Mom

  3. Carol Says:

    Wesso, I enjoy getting to read your blog. It allows insight to your heart and gives a sense of the depth of longing you have for Jesus. Thanks for taking the time to post, it encourages me!

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