We must wake up

September 23, 2009

It is a day and hour of great peril. It is the best of times and it is the worst of times. And we are heading into a great and terrible period of human history. I fear, that few will stand. I fear, that history is in fact doomed to repeat itself. I fear that we have been so effectively conditioned into ignorance and preoccupation that we do not see the coming storm. The tidal wave is building, and even as it builds it draws near. We are moving towards something so much bigger, I believe, than we even know how to comprehend. Perhaps the most fearful aspect of this is the fact that my generation is sleeping.

The end of all things is at hand; therefore we are to be of sound judgment and sober in spirit for the purpose of prayer.

There is urgency in my spirit to see my generation come awake to begin to oppose the darkness and onslaught on Truth. There is urgency in my spirit to see my generation come alive to something greater than themselves, to Someone greater than themselves. There is urgency in my spirit for a generation to understand the hour that we are living in, and to order their lives in light of it! We cannot slip into deeper places of apathy! It is crucial that messengers are raised up to call forth intercessors, revivalists and forerunners! The free world as we know it is in the process of crumbling and in the early stages of the conditioning process to receive the antichrist and his world-view. In America, the army of the Lord is being crippled even before it learns to walk. We are being blinded, even before we learn to see. We are being deafened even before we learn to hear and as a product of all this we are being silenced before we even learn to speak!

I want to declare to you with boldness, that the enemy has very effectively conditioned us to disagree with God in very many ways! There is a great battle for ideologies that must be fought in each of us and in this nation!
First, I believe we need to return to biblical Christianity. This is an easy statement to write. It is evident to us all that there is something greatly missing in Western Christianity.

The hour that we are heading into, demands that we be free of the ideologies that entangle us and hold us back from agreement. It also demands that we are free from all the petty little distractions that we have aligned ourselves with. So much of this actually serves to mold and form our ideas and perspectives and sooner than later we find ourselves disagreeing with God in a multitude of areas, because we so love our comforts and so love our pleasures.

We have become a Psalm 2:3 people, even in the church. This is what frightens me more than anything. We consider the restraint the Lord is certainly calling us into fetters and cords holding us back from life and pleasure. This is a false ideology and an area the enemy has most in the church bound with. When we begin to read the Bible through this lens, we begin to water down interpretation. This is frightening.

We are in a desperate hour. We must wake up.

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