Since May I have been giving myself to the lifestyle of prayer and fasting and aching for Jesus to return. I plan to be living this way for the rest of my life. The more I gaze at Him, the more I realize my need for Him, the more I realize my need for Him, the more I gaze at Him. He is burning me beautiful, for the glory of His name!

I am on staff full time at a small house of prayer in Alamance County North Carolina. My main vocation is intercession. My main calling is to give myself fully to partnering with Jesus to birth change in the physical realm. I am hungry to see the Bride walking fully in her identity, aching and longing for Jesus in lovesickness, and bringing the kingdom everywhere she goes! I am partnering with Jesus to establish righteousness and justice in the earth via prayer so that He might come! I want what He wants.

I am the second oldest of my parents four children. I am the only boy. If you do the math, I have three sisters. You can check me on your abacus if you want. My family is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has blessed me with in this age.

I love to write. It is like painting to me. But with invisible colors, that force you to feel. I love to read what others have painted. Before the Lord really got a hold of me, my only desire was to be an English Literature teacher at a university somewhere. I was setting my sights low. Now my desire is mainly to give myself fully to what the Lord is doing in the earth unto His second coming unto the Father coming…..forever! It’s not just a hobby.


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