Here begins the next chapter and season of my journey with the Lord in this age. After leaving Wesley College and giving myself to a lifestyle of fasting and prayer and total consecration to the Lord at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Atlanta, I feel that a divine confidence in His calling and His love has been birthed somewhere in the depths of me. The past three months have been amazing. He has been faithful to make it what He promised He would; a season of intense encounter and mature consecration. He has begun to form in me a hunger and an ache that cannot be quenched nor eased by this present evil age. Each night has been a night of discovery, and crucifixion, and wonder, and death unto the glory of His name and the redemption of the holiness of that name by the work He has done in me! I would not trade the last three months of refinement for anything in the world. The brothers and sisters that He has bound me to, the secrets of His depths that He has revealed to me, and the brokenness and surrender He has carried me through are treasures and jewels that I will cherish even in the ages to come! Praise the God of glory that humbles Himself to grace us with good and pleasing gifts! There is no one like Him!

I am now preparing naturally, mentally and spiritually for an abrupt transition of seasons. It is not so much like the slow cool of autumn crawling into the harsh freeze of winter, as it is the sudden realization that spring has become summer. At the end of August I am venturing into the territory of North Carolina to a small house of prayer in Alamance County to help reach their goal of becoming another reality of 24/7 prayer and worship in our nation. There are about six full time intercessory missionaries there now. I am very excited about what He has planned for me as I submit to His perfect will for me and give myself to this with abandon. He has spoken a few things to me concerning what He desires to reckon in me while at IHOP-AC.

One thing He spoke to me was that He was going to teach me how to pray without props. I understand this to mean that it is going to be a time of wilderness and barrenness in the place of prayer unto learning what it means to lean on Him and trust in His ravished heart as a Bridegroom even when I myself cannot feel His emotion for me. I also believe that He is wanting to truly teach me what it means to be an intercessor, praying with importunity and perseverance much like the persistent widow in Luke 18. This is scary and exciting all in the same breath.

So I would like to invite you all to pray for me as I follow my Master where He is leading me. There are many things I anticipate the Lord doing in me as an intercessory missionary but my one desire is to focus not on what I can get from Him, but rather how my life can best glorify Him. I do not want to be one that sits at His feet or pours out my nard for the sake of receiving revelation or good preaching points. I am desiring intimacy that will testify of Jesus to the nations, that Israel might be provoked into jealousy by the work He is doing in a “people that is not a nation!”


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